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Our History

B.R. Board of directors

Borgogna Rosanna “This is the meaning of the acronym B.R, a company known and appreciated in many countries of the word for high precision tools and profiles inserts.

Mrs. Borgogna is the wife of one of our founders Giacomo Mario Giraud: he created with his brother Elio what he likes to call “a first production workshop”.

It all started with a shared dream: turn into business, skills and passion for machanics.

Therefore, our company was established in 1973 and we have never neglected values of our origins.


“B.r. is our Family” Uberto said as a worker of the equipment department.

“The B.R. is our home, as it was in the past. “The strength of our firm are people, employees and workers- Davide Giraud said-

Collaborating with B.R. means choosing quality and innovation of a company strongly linked to the territory, with a broad international vision."